ChangeLog for EDGE 1.23

Type: Internal version, never released.

Date: APRIL 28th 2000

Bugs fixed:

 - problem with finding IWADs under Win32 fixed.
 - the -lang option now works again.
 - the not-playing-OOF-sound bug has been fixed.
 - fixed some problems with singular sounds cutting out.
 - projectile attacks no longer crash if there's no target.
 - fixed bugs with the RSCRIPT lump (loaded too early, etc).
 - TrueBSP and GL now ignore missing textures on one-sided walls.

 - the VFI span and column drawers were improved.
New features:

 - new option in the standard control menu: `Toggle Autorun',
   defaulting to the capslock key.
 - new option in the main menu: `Language'.  The language can be
   changed on-the-fly, though not everything has been LDF-ified yet.

 - scrolling flats.  The following entries in sectors.ddf do the

     FLOOR.SCROLL_ANGLE=[num];    // 0 is east, 90 is north, etc..
     FLOOR.SCROLL_SPEED=[num];    // 32 is one pixel per tic


   Note that they also work for extrafloors (when used in the dummy

 - pushing sectors.  Looks like this in sectors.ddf:

     PUSH_ANGLE=[num];    // 0 is east, 90 is north, etc..
     PUSH_SPEED=[num];    // 0 is none, 50 is quite fast
     PUSH_ZSPEED=[num];   // 0 is normal, positive is upwards

   only objects inside the sector are affected.  The following sector
   specials come into play (the last two are new) :
     WHOLE_REGION   -  the push occurs no matter where you are.  When
                       absent, the push only occurs when you are
                       touching the floor.
     PUSH_CONSTANT  -  the push is a constant amount.  Good for
                       conveyor belts.  When absent, the push is like
                       a force and things with more MASS will move

     PUSH_ALL       -  all things are pushed.  When absent, certain
                       things are not affected, in particular ones
                       with the NOGRAVITY tag (though the exact
                       criteria is subject to change).

 - A new sounds.ddf entry "MAX_DISTANCE=###", which means that this
   sound will never be played if the listener is further away than the
   given distance.  Note that this entry doesn't affect the normal
   attenuation of the sound.
 - Another new sounds.ddf entry "PRECIOUS=TRUE", which means that
   instead of chopping off this sound with a new sound with the same
   singularity (or same priority, if all the channels are full), this
   sound should keep playing and the new sound is ignored.  Not
   terribly useful, but provided for completeness.