ChangeLog for EDGE 1.28

Type: Full release

Date: MAY 24th 2004

Bugs fixed:

+ serious crash bug loading textures from PWads fixed.
+ savegame problem which could cause crashes fixed.
+ windows version now detects out-of-date GWA files properly.
+ windows version now handles filenames with double quotes.
+ fixed crash when a door closed on a dead player.
+ fixed (potential) crash in GL mode when depth was 8 bits.
+ crash on cast parade with flipped sprites (HellKnight) fixed.

- fixed the FACE() action.
- fix for MAXFALL when swimming. (UNTESTED)
- fix for too much bobbing.
- berserk: if already showing fist, don't lower/raise it.
- fix problem with really fast scrolling walls/floors.
- fix for floor textures in GL (wrong scale, no transparency).
- PRE.TEXT now works on first level (MAP01, E1M1).
- powerup tints (berserk etc) now fade out after dying.
- projectiles causing no damage when coming directly down.
- removed DOOM I warnings about missing sprites/textures.
- fixed RTS JUMP command which was seriously broken.
- fixed RTS problems when using WAIT before a LABEL.
- PALETTE_REMAP now works in GL mode.
- chat macros in the config file were being overridden by DDF.
- shot attacks now honour the RANGE setting in DDF.
- fixed ceilings not opening because of stuck things (MAP06).
- sky image (changeable in RTS) now saved in savegames.
- fixed how armour is shown in the status bar.
- certain fonts are no longer forced red (QDOOM).
- numerous small fixes to DDF, e.g. Cyberdemon walk sound.
- potential crash when subsectors have only 1 or 2 segs (MAP22).
- sound replacements via DDF no longer jumbles up all sounds.
- fixed transparent doors (again !), both software and GL.
- fixed the issue with monsters resurrecting into another.
- screenshots in GL mode now work again.
- render sprites (S/W mode) with posts exceeding 128 pixels.
- visibility clipping in GL was broken (causing excessive overdraw).
- RTS graphical tips were not scaled properly.
- flipped sprites now use the X offset correctly.
- fixed player sprite, which wasn't walking when you move.
- bugs when changing screensize with +/- and in the menu fixed.
- night vision in GL mode was not lighting things up.
- fix for console which was drawn behind the menus.
General improvements

+ new directories for config file and savegames.  If your machine support
  multiple users (newer versions of Windows, and Linux), then the config
  file and savegame directory are now in a user-specific location.  This
  allows multiple users to have separate configuration and savegames.

  To allow easy upgrading, we have included a tool 'UPGRADER.EXE' with
  the EDGE binaries, which should be run before running EDGE.  If your
  version of Windows is single-user, then it will say `Nothing to do',
  otherwise it moves the config file and savegames to the new place.

+ better default configuration: e.g. 640x400 mode, 16 bit colour.

+ full Mlook range in GL mode.

+ improved handling of music volume under Windows.

+ better sky drawing in GL: drawn using a fake skybox (created from
  sky image) to cope with Mlook.  Never wobbles anymore, and is drawn
  a lot faster than before.

+ windows version prevents more than one instance of EDGE running at
  the same time.  Also, S/W and GL window handling has been reworked.

+ the GL renderer emulates the flat-flooding and deep-water tricks.

- the sprite name "NULL" is now hard-coded, and always shows nothing.
- RTS SPAWNTHING: when thing is unknown, show warning instead of error.
- better images for when you have both keycard and skullkey.
- non-terminated strings in DDF cause a warning.
- zooming: always use current weapon's zoom factor if set in DDF.
- config file remembers current language and current Save/Load page.
- the first 9 RTS tip slots are no longer unchangeable.
- better invulnerability fade-out in GL.
- Pixelfade wipe has been implemented for OpenGL mode.
- text strings look better in modes smaller than 640x400.
- friendly monsters now work a bit better.
Features removed:

* MP3 music support, due to MP3 licensing which is incompatible with
  open source software.

- stretchsky option and related code.
New features:

+ very basic overlay HUD.  (Better one will be made when HUD.DDF is

+ EDGE.log file, automatically remembers all startup messages.

+ new #VERSION directive for DDF files and RTS scripts.  It is followed by
  the version of EDGE needed to use the DDF/RTS.  E.g. "#VERSION 1.28".
  This directive is _required_ to use new features in EDGE 1.28, but it
  also prevents you using obsolete features (they produce a fatal error).

- when a path follower hits an RTS node, the trigger is enabled. (UNTESTED)

- new RTS ON_CONDITION: WALKING.  Requires that the player is walking
  (moving and on the ground).  Doesn't activate when swimming or flying.
  A number in () can be used to specify how fast the player is moving.

- ON_CONDITION support for amounts with powerups e.g. POWERUP_PARTINVIS(10)
  which means 10 seconds or more remaining.

- RESISTANCE_CLASS for DDF.  Used the same way as IMMUNITY_CLASS, but the
  monster only suffers 40% of the original damage.

- SPECIAL_MUSIC command for games.ddf.  Specifies the music played during
  the cast parade and the bunny screen.

- the console background is now a texture or flat called "CONSOLE".

- new PRE.COLOURMAP and END.COLOURMAP commands for levels.ddf, changes the
  colour of the text in the finale screens.

- new colourmap special WHITEN, used for fonts.  Automatic when the
  colourmap begins with "TEXT_".

- TIP_GRAPHIC supports scaling via fourth parameter, which is a value
  like 0.5, 1.0, 2.0.  For example:

    TIP_GRAPHIC  M_PAUSE  3  false  0.5

- CAST_TITLE command for things.ddf.  Refers to an entry in LANGUAGES.DDF,
  and determines the monster's name in the DOOM II cast parade.  We have
  English, French and Spanish translations so far.

- the RTS command GOTOMAP now supports a "SKIP_ALL" keyword, placed after
  the map name, and causes the intermission stats and any pre/post text
  screens to be skipped.
New console variables:

  LIGHTING       \   Allow debugging OpenGL driver bugs. Each takes
  COLORMATERIAL   |  a boolean value (TRUE or FALSE).  Some combinations
  VERTEXARRAYS   /   don't make sense (especially LI + no_CM + VA).

  DUMBSKY            Use a simpler method for OpenGL sky drawing.
                     (A few drivers have problems, e.g. Voodoo 3).

New command-line options:

  -nolog             Disables creation of EDGE.LOG file.

  -sound16  (Linux)  Force using 16 bit sound.  Default is to only
                     switch to 16 bit when 8 bits is unavailable.