What is RTS

RTS stands for "Radius Trigger Script".

RTS is not intended to replace DDF, but accents and enhances DDF. Using both DDF and RTS together, you can create amazing events that even Quake 2 is not capable of.

With RTS, you can create scripted events that cannot be controlled by linedef triggers alone, such as a simple on-screen tip message, multiple linetypes being triggered by one switch, or a complex event where an entire structure is destroyed, monsters are spawned, sounds are played, and light levels are changed dramatically.


Most RTS commands take one or more parameters. Some parameters must be given, and the remaining parameters are optional (may be left out). Throughout this documentation the following bracket styles are used:


These documents apply to EDGE 1.31. Some features described here will not work in earlier EDGE versions.

There are some commands are not described here, because they are only kept for backwards compatibility with old mods.


This RTS documentation has been written and modified by many people. Rather than trying to state exactly who has written what, we simply list the contributors in roughly chronological order:

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