Older News

Editing Guide Begun 23-Sep-2007
The EDGE Editing Guide is going to collect lots of useful information about modding for EDGE into one convenient corner of our website. It will encompass both DDF Online and RTS Online, contain various Tutorials, and heaps of other goodies.

Although it's a little bare right now, it still contains quite a bit of handy information, including lists of EDGE's Line/Sector/Thing types, and a page describing the compliance of EDGE with various standards.

Hi-res Texture Pack 13-Sep-2007
The DHTP (Doom Hires Texture Pack) is now available for EDGE.

This pack has been put together by KuriKai and others, combining their own work with resources from the old JDTP pack in order to create the best looking set of high-resolution textures for DOOM.

Downloads and more information HERE.
(Note: the pack is 56 MB)

EDGE 1.29 Released!! 15-Jul-2007
We are thrilled to announce the full release of EDGE 1.29. It has been in development for a long time (too long actually), and the EDGE Team has changed shape several times, but we finally made it. Thanks to everybody who helped with testing etc... We hope you enjoy this release.

Major changes in 1.29:

  • Drag 'n' Drop support.
  • Greatly improved BOOM compatibility.
  • Handle DeHackEd and BEX patches.
  • OGG/Vorbis music playback.
  • IMAGES.DDF supporting PNG and JPEG images.
  • Good emulation of DOOM lighting.
  • New startup with a progress bar.
  • Added a Sound Options menu.
  • Software rendering was removed.
Plus many many bug fixes and general improvements, and lots of new DDF and RTS features.

See all changes since 1.28A: ChangeLog

EDGE Road Map 14-Jun-2007
With the full release of 1.29 quickly approaching, we have been thinking about what direction to take EDGE in the future. The new Road Map document gives an overview of the main features we have planned.
1.29 RC#6 is Out 6-Jun-2007
Release Candidate #6 for EDGE 1.29 is now out of the lab and ready for testing. This is mainly a bug-fix release, but also includes new sound startup code which tries hard to find a working sound-mode, and options for setting what SDL sound driver to use. This package also contains a Linux binary (note: experimental!).

List of changes since RC#5 is here: ChangeLog

EMUS v1.0 Released 3-June-2007
EMUS stands for Edge Modders Utility Suite and is a program written by Luke "Lobo" Brennan. EMUS contains a whole bunch of utilities which are very handy for developing EDGE-based projects, namely:
  • DDF-Offline
  • ToDo List
  • FRT (File Renamer Tool)
  • IDT (Images.DDF Tool)
  • ELI (Edge Lump Importer)
  • WMT (Wad Merging Tool)

Please note you must have the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 installed to run EMUS.

New Forums 13-May-2007
EDGE now has its own forums! This one is much better than the old SourceForge forums. Just click on the "Forums" link near the top of the navigation menu. Hope to see you there!
1.29 RC#5 Available 21-Apr-2007
We're very happy to announce that Release Candidate #5 for EDGE 1.29 is now available for testing. The two most significant changes are: (1) replacing the OpenAL sound system with new SDL-based sound code, and (2) much improved BOOM compatibility. Plus of course lots of bug fixing.

Full list of changes since RC#4 is here: Change List

Back from China 18-Jan-2007
I'm back from China and keen to get stuck into some EDGE stuff. For starters, I have converted the ChangeLog files into HTML and uploaded them to the new EDGE website.
Screenshots 25-Nov-2006
Some screenshots of EDGE have been added to the website. Suggestions for more screenshots (or better ones) are welcome, just drop me a note on the forum or via email.
Busy for a while 07-Nov-2006
A quick note to say that I'm pretty busy right now, with an exam next week and a six-week trip to China shortly after that. Hence there won't be much progress with EDGE until I get back, although I'm hoping to at least get the RC5 binary out before I go.

-- Ajapted

RTS back Online! 22-Sep-2006
I'm very pleased to announce that the RTS documentation is back online. It has been rewritten as normal documentation, replacing the "build your own script" functionality that Fanatic's original version had. Plus everything has been updated for the latest version of EDGE.

A big thanks to Lobo for doing most of the grunt-work of converting this documentation from the old format.

New site 5-Sep-2006
The brand spanking new EDGE website is now up! Many sections are still being developed (all the grayed-out links in the navigation menu), and will be added as soon as they are completed.
DarkKnight departs 15-Jul-2006
Andrew "DarkKnight" Baker has decided that it's time to move on. He was the project leader of EDGE since the beginning, and before that was an active member of DosDOOM (the forerunner to EDGE).

Everyone here wishes DarkKnight all the best in his future endeavours, and we thank him for his immense contribution.

Picking up the baton is Andrew Apted, and with the help of Luke "Lobo" Brennan, everything is rolling to get the 1.29 release over the finish line.