ChangeLog for EDGE 1.35

Type: Full Release

Date: APRIL 2011

Bugs fixed:

+ fixed serious bug with COAL scripts, where replacing the draw_all()
  and begin_level() functions did not work -- EDGE would always use
  the original one.

- fixed music on MAP32 of DOOM II
- fixed the marks on the automap
- fixed texture offsets on mirrored walls
- fixed behavior of doors with self-referencing linedefs

- E2M8, E3M8 (etc) are playable without any bosses
- got GL_COLOUR feature of COLORMAPS.DDF working
General Improvements:

+ wide screen support, via new "Monitor Size" setting in the Video
  Options menu.  Custom values can be set in the "r_aspect" cvar.

+ weapon and automap key bindings can be changed.

- recognise HacX 1.2 as an IWAD.

- renamed "Host Net Game" menu to "Advanced Start" and removed
  the references to networking stuff and the player list screen,
  so that people don't get the impression that Multiplayer is
  supported (it is not).

- use Makefiles for building the code, ditching SCons.

- control over automap grid spacing via 'am_gridsize' cvar.

- better pre-caching of sprites, textures (etc), controllable
  via new cvars which begin with r_precache.

- detail slopes: no limit to ceiling height difference, and the
  limit on floor height difference is now 24 units.

- when thing numbers in the level are unknown, limit the warnings
  to two specific things of that type and a "more found" message.

- less warning messages when using old mods (like QDoom).

- reviewed #CLEARALL behavior, made it ignored (with a warning)
  for several kinds of DDF where it was not safe or useful.

- new console vars:
      am_gridsize  r_fov  r_zoomfov  r_aspect
New Features:

+ inheritance for DDF.  This allows a new DDF entry to be based
  off an existing one, instead of fields getting default values.

  The syntax is:

    SPEED = 20;
    ... etc ...

  Note that when overriding state frames, it occasionally leads to
  unexpected behavior (where the old states are being used instead
  of your new ones).  If this happens, it can be fixed by providing
  the full set of states, i.e. copy and paste them.

+ can modify existing DDF entries.  Place ++ before the entry name
  inside the [] brackets, as shown in this example:


+ support for new textures between TX_START/TX_END markers, and
  high-resolution replacements between HI_START/HI_END markers.
  They can be either DOOM patch format or PNG format.

- RTS: added new WAIT_UNTIL_DEAD command, which takes a list of
  monster types to wait for.  Unlike ONDEATH, this honors the
  trigger area, and it also waits forever if there are no such
  monsters alive (inside the trigger area).

- MD2 models will be vertically tilted (using the mlook angle)
  for all missiles and anything using the new "TILT" special.

- DDF: new weapon command UNZOOM which forces the screen to be
  unzoomed if zoom is active.

- DDF: new FAILED_SFX command for LINES.DDF, which plays a sound
  when the player tries to use a locked door without the key.

- support for the ZDoom TEXTURE1/2 scaling extension.