ChangeLog for EDGE 1.20

Type: Internal version, never released.

Date: MARCH 21st 2000

Bugs fixed:

 - the RTS parse problem with tics (e.g. 1T) should be fixed.
 - the RTS SLEEP primitive was broken but is fixed now.
 - improved RTS error messages.
 - fixed tips where the delay was 35 times longer than it should be.
 - the problem with ENDOOM _may_ be better (untested by me).
 - for SHADOW things, the modulation never stops.
 - the "bouncy bouncy" bug with the noclip cheat is fixed.
 - you don't climb over dying monsters now (they lose CLIMBABLE tag).
 - intermission cameras cannot see players now.
 - no longers stays in zoom mode when you die.
 - killing yourself no longer gives you a frag.
 - the WHOLE_REGION sector special was broken, fixed now.
 - bug with weapons changing when you pick up ammo fixed.
 - shadow, translated & translucent sprites now drawn in TrueBSP mode.
 - fixed y offsets for mid-masked textures in TrueBSP mode.
 - textures no longer slosh about horizontally in TrueBSP mode.
 - bug in OpenGL renderer not drawing certain uppers/lowers fixed.

 - the b.c. MAPNUMBER= field of things.ddf and TRIGGER= field of
   lines.ddf and sectors.ddf have been removed.
 - the ACCURACY field of attacks.ddf has changed, it has been replaced
   with ACCURACY_ANGLE (the horizontal accuracy) and ACCURACY_SLOPE
   (for the vertical accuracy).  They are both angle values.  0 would
   mean perfect accuracy, 45 would be woeful accuracy.

 - TAGGED_INDEPENDANT in RTS no longer accepted -- spell it right.

 - Chance values have changed, they now need a percentage value from 0
   to 100 percent _and_ a trailing `%' sign.  Converting is easy: grab
   a calculator and divide by 2.55.  The stuff affected:

     rts scripts:  JUMP.
 - the semantics for X/Y offsets for the sides of extrafloors has been
   nailed down: the X offset comes from the "real" line and the Y
   offset comes from the "dummy" line.  The y offset on the real line
   and the x offset on the dummy line are ignored.
New Features:

 - when you teleport, your MLOOK angle is set to the MLOOK angle of
   the teleport thing (mapnumber 14).  Just for kicks.
 - wall textures, sky, sprites and player's weapon now drawn in OpenGL
   renderer.  More or less anyway, still lots to do.

 - something for you Covert Ops dudes: zooming can now be limited to
   certain weapons, i.e. unusable unless that weapon is being held in
   front of you, also each weapon can have a different zoom factor.

   Firstly, there is a new levels.ddf special LIMIT_ZOOM, which means
   that zooming will only work when the player is holding a weapon
   with zoom capability.  When LIMIT_ZOOM is absent, zooming will work
   as normal (i.e. anytime, anywhere).

   Secondly, there is a new weapons.ddf field ZOOM_FOV which marks the
   weapon as having zoom capability.  The value is the "Field Of View"
   angle, e.g. 10 is the same as normal zooming.  The range is from 5
   to 90, smaller angles give greater magnification.