ChangeLog for EDGE 1.27

Type: Full release

Date: NOVEMBER 11th 2001

Bugs fixed:

-  savegames enabled under DOS !
-  glitches with shrunk-down view in software mode fixed.
-  problem when using light-transfer linetypes fixed.
-  fixed a bug causing some RTS tip stuff to crash.
-  crash bug with elevator in QD10 (savegame + RTS issue) fixed.
-  problems with crushers/continuous ceilings (e.g. MAP04) fixed.
-  timing problem in RTS (initial WAIT command) fixed.
-  fixed bug with new 16-rotation sprite code.
-  zooming no longer shows the weapon sprite.
-  rendering problems (HOM) in GLEDGE when FOV > 90 fixed.
-  fixed automap bug not displaying the level's name.
-  another timing problem in RTS (retriggerables) fixed.
-  issues with the UPGRADES command in weapons.ddf fixed.
-  a couple of sound and MP3 problems fixed.
-  problem with missing weapons (e.g. IDKFA) fixed.
-  fixed another MP3 bug, not playing files with ID3 tags.
-  thin sliding doors were broken in GLEDGE -- fixed.
-  closed sliding doors now block sight & sound properly.
New features:

-  Wipes and crosshairs now work in GLEDGE.

-  Better checking when loading savegame files.  If the level data is
   detected to be different, e.g. loading a DOOM2 mad when playing
   PLUTONIA, then the load is aborted.  Unfortunately EDGE also
   crashes out -- recovering from a partial loadgame is a really hard
   problem to fix.

-  The weapon kick effect can now be disabled.  The easiest way is
   through the Gameplay Option menu.  Another way is by using the
   -nokick cmdline option (or -kick to enable).  For DDF writers there
   is also the "WEAPON_KICK" and "NO_WEAPON_KICK" level specials which
   can be used (in LEVELS.DDF) to override the user's preference.

-  New cmdline option "-fastsprites".  Causes sprite images to be
   pre-cached at the start of the level, making gameplay smoother.  It
   isn't enabled by default since it can cause long delays on slower
   machines, and is not much use on machines with low memory (< 64K).

-  New DDF action for flickering dynamic lights:


   where `low' and `high' are numbers.  The intensity of the dynamic
   light will be set to a random value within the given range.
-  New DDF command for dynamic lights:

   which specifies at which height within the object the light comes
   from, for example: 0% at the foot, 50% midway (the default), 100%
   at the top of the head.

-  New weapons.ddf command STATES(ZOOM).  When present, that sprite
   frame will be shown on screen when zooming is active.

-  New attack special NO_TRIGGER_LINES.  Shot and projectile attacks
   with this flag never activate special linedefs.

-  New command for radius triggers:

      UNBLOCK_LINES  [tag]
   All lines on the map with the same tag will be unblocked, allowing
   players and monsters to pass.  Only affects two-sided lines.

-  New things.ddf command:


   which controls how far up a bouncing object bounces when it hits
   the floor (or how far down for ceilings).  Higher values make it
   bounce higher.  The default is 0.5 (previously hard-coded).

-  Limited support for multiple palettes.  Works in GLEDGE only.  When
   a PWAD contains a palette (PLAYPAL lump), then all images in the
   PWAD (sprites, flats, textures, patches) will use that palette
   instead of the "GLOBAL" palette (the one in the IWAD).

   One thing this allows: using the resources from Heretic and/or
   Hexen in addition to the normal DOOM/DOOM2 resources, for example:

      gledge32 -iwad doom2.wad -file heretic.wad mylevel.wad
   Note that font patches (STCFN### and others) in a PWAD containing
   a different palette than normal DOOM won't work properly.

-  New levels.ddf special "BOOM_COMPAT" and "NO_BOOM_COMPAT" which can
   be used to specify whether the level requires BOOM compatibility
   enabled or disabled.  This special overrides the user's preference
   in the Gameplay Option menu.