ChangeLog for EDGE 1.24

Type: First public release of EDGE

Date: JUNE 2000

Bugs fixed:

 - many math bugs (like div-by-zero) fixed.
 - fixed a sound bug: Priority should now work better.
 - certain RTS error messages were improved.
 - some extrafloor bugs (include x-offset problem) fixed.
 - problems with monsters/items not being counted in stats fixed.
 - missiles no longer disappear underneath certain extrafloors.
 - PLAYER_SCREAM action fixes player death sounds.
 - items dropped by monsters no longer appear under extrafloors.
 - the shotgun's shot now looks more like a horizontal line.
 - aspect and zooming now work in the GL renderer.
 - the GL screen can now be shrunk down.
Features removed:

 - the RTS primitive EXTEND_MAP.

 - beginnings of a new bot system.  Bots are considered to be
   "simulated players".  Activating 4 bots is done like this:

     edge -players 5 -bots 4

   The AI is being worked on (currently they are very dumb).

 - DOS networking code was re-added -- but untested.

 - TrueBSP mode is automatically enabled when "GL Nodes" are detected.
   Thus the -truebsp option is rarely needed now.  A new option
   "-classic" forces the classic renderer (but this is not

 - EDGE.WAD now contains all the necessary DDF and RTS files.  The
   external ddf files are only used if their presence is detected or
   if the "-ddf" option is used.  Anyone updating from previous EDGE
   releases should move or delete the old DDF files.
 - the cursor in the option menus is now light blue.
New features:

 - REFIRE_INACCURATE command in weapons.ddf, when set to TRUE then
   this weapon will lose accuracy while the trigger is held down.
   Used to get the classic Doom behaviour for pistol and chaingun.

 - Thick translucent extrafloors.  Use this in lines.ddf:

      EXTRAFLOOR_TRANSLUCENCY = 0.5;  // or whatever
      EXTRAFLOOR_TRANSLUCENCY = 0.5;  // or whatever